About us:

Riverwood is a creative reflection of the founder, Rick Gibbons, who has been an integral member of the community since moving here in 1981. We have our roots in handmade leatherwork: From wallets, belts, purses, and journal covers. Rick sold his leather goods from festivals to craft shows and finally opened his first store in New York State in 1991. As Leather Originals on Pioneer Street, he showcased his leather and other crafts and goods from a variety of local artisans, a few quality companies that made jewelry as well as men and womenโ€™s accessories, and a small variety of puzzles.

In 1998 we moved the store to main street and changed the name to Riverwood. We first began selling fine quality crafts and products but when the local toy store went out of business, Rick, always a kid at heart, decided to add specialty toys into his already dynamic roster of gifts.

Riverwood now truly is a store for all humankind. Lead by Rickโ€™s son, Todd, Riverwood has grown from its strong roots, and established itself as a staple of not only the local community, but is also to the seasonal visitors who make a point to stop in every year.

Welcome to the Not Boring Store, The Everything is Awesome Store, Riverwood.